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Katy Leenders Biography
Katy was born in Southern Ontario near the Niagara escarpment. In her youth she spent her summers
camping and hiking with her family and felt strongly connected to nature. Her early art influences
included artists from the Group of 7, naturalist Robert Bateman and American artist, Norman
After college, Katy moved to Alberta where she met her husband, David, and they started their family.
They have 2 daughters.
In 2008, Katy began her first formal art lessons at Pro’s Art Atelier where she studied oil painting
under Ann Waeland. Art is a continuing journey for Katy, who spends many hours painting and
experimenting with different styles and genres. Recently she took up fluid art painting with acrylics
and enjoys adding finishing touches using her more Atelier style of training to combine the two
Katy has had several book cover commissions and loves how they pushed her boundaries of both
imagination and skill. She enjoys working from photos as well as working from the ground up.

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